Trailow Trailers


 3 X dirt bikes on Trailow trailer (JPG - 15kb)  Mower (JPG - 16kb)  Road bikes on Trailow trailer (JPG - 13kb)
Convenient & Easy to load  No ramps Necessary  Fully galvanised 
 TRAILOW with jet ski frame (JPG - 13kb)

  Trailow logo 179x135 (JPG - 5kb)

 Ezee Trailers Trailow Trailer (JPG - 11kb)

Raise outer frame to lower chassis
to the ground


 Lower the outer frome to lift chassis

The Trailow is an innovative Trailer that lowers to the ground, is easy, safe and convenient to use by a single person.  It is suitable for Golf Cars, Motorcycles, Jet Skis, Quad Bikes and many other uses.

Trailow  manufactured by Lochiel Engineering 2000 Ltd

The Trailer that lowers for easy loading

Contact Colin on 0800 Lochiel or email colin@lochieltrailers for information and pricing